I remember the first time I was in Paris.

It was together with my mum, and we was both about to spend our birthdays there. (my mums birthday is on the 1st of April and mine is on the 3rd of April..). I was about to turn 14.

And it was amazing.

We ate good food, walked around in Paris for entire days until our feet was hurting enough so we could sit in a coffee to enjoy the sun and the spring that had arrived to Paris.

We spended evenings next to La tour Eiffel and just sat and watched the tower glitter at night.

We walked among Seine and Notre-Dame and enjoyed that a person was playing a beautiful instrument and the song "La vie en Rose" was played.

And I've loved Paris, and France, ever since.

And it is just so sad that Paris, and France has been through so much and I send everybody a lot of love. Paris, and France will always have a special place in my heart,


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