It is friday and I am so so sooo happy that the weather is great!
The few last days it has just been raining like crazy here. It rained for almost the entire days, so it was not really nice to go out at all. Me and my bf stayed in a long time and watched movies, and I studied a lot at home. Still, I had to go to Uni (aaaall the way to Monaco..!!)  but it was ok! Haha.. I have now completed a lot of essays, exams and presentations. Just a few more to go now!

Today I am however "free" and I have been out the entire day to enjoy the sun, went for some shopping, and now I have studied for almost 2-3 hours. Finished up an essay (almost). So now I will enjoy my coffee in Balthazar and then go home..I love to sit and study in a cafe. It makes me more focused sometimes with a little bit of life and sounds around me, hehe.

Hope you have a great day <3


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