I have been thinking of doing this for a while now, so let's do a little list on my favorite coffee shops in Nice!  I have many, but lets list a few of my top favorites of all time! x


This lovely place is so instagram friendly, cute and has a great atmosphere! I really love Marinette, also because they make everything so beautiful but it also responds to a great price.

It is located in the old town of Nice, and I really think this is a great place for a coffee with a friend, a brunch with your parents or a afternoon/evening coffee! It's just a great place for anyone, and you can even sit outside on a warm summer day or inside! x

La popote D'ondine

A great place if you want to have a coffee with your name on, or any other beautiful letters! I think it's such a cute thing! Price is great, and the atmosphere is fantastic and cosy, jsut the way I like it! The pasteries is to die for !! One time I had a pastery with raspberries and wipped creme and it was probably the most tastiest cake I have ever eaten in my life...and I am not joking! Haha! I love this place also beacuse it is study-friendly. Some people sit in this coffee shop to have a coffee while studying!

Paper Plane

My favorite place! Once again, this place is just so beautiful and so well decorated. The wallpapers are to die for and it creates such an amazing oasis. Great place for coffees or a lunch!! And, also very instagram firendly! x


Balthazar on the Promenade is my favorite. Instagram friendly, and you can sit outside and overlook the promenade and sea. I go here so often with my bf and I just love it! So good service, great people who work in this place and I either go here for coffees or breakfast. They also serve great food, I love the fish and chips, the salmon club sandwish and also the moules. (I also love the fried sides they have, like fried schrimps and so on)


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