I get so many questions almost each and every day about what to do in Monaco, or in the French Riviera, and what things you can not miss while being here and so on. So I was thinking that I will make a little blog post about exactly this! I will tell you about some of my favorite things to do in Monaco! (and I will make another blog post later on, and similar to this, but about Nice I think. So now I will only focus on Monaco!)


1. When I am in Monaco, I just love to go to Cafe de Paris. It is my favorite place for a cup of coffee! Me and my bf goes there often! It is a beautiful place located in Monte-Carlo, and it is lovely to just sit there and watch the cars and the people go by, to sit and talk and enjoy the tranquility. (you can also visit the Hotel de Paris for a coffee, or Hermitage etc..!)

Cafe de Paris in Monte-Carlo x

2. I love to simply have a walk around in Monaco as well. And to also walk up to the castle and have an amazing view! There is also a lot of museums to go to, (for example the oceanographic museum, also possible to visit the beautiful Palace) so have a look when you are there! It is amazing!

3. Evenings out are great in Monaco! Just one or two years ago I went out almost every weekend in Monaco, so there are a lot of great places. I don't go out anymore like I used to since I became a more calmer girl but before I loved places such as: Twiga, Buddha Bar, Jimmys Monte-Carlo and more..I love evenings in Monaco more than in Nice, because Monaco is more safe, clean and proper! Hehe.

4. Great restaurants! There are a lot of great restaurants, I absolutely love Nikki Beach during summer and I have had lunch there so many times with friends and my bf. You have got to check it out! Also love Planet Sushi for a great lunch or Buddha Bar for a dinner.


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