Exam period is coming up and I am having so much at the University at the moment! A lot of projects, group works, exam and so on and so on. You maybe understand! <3 It has been a lot at school and I have been so focused on school and other things. I am (as I mentioned earlier) going to re-do my blog, I will get help to make it a lot more different in the way it looks like. And it won't be a normal day-blog. It will be more clicking on what you like, if you want french riviera advices you can click on one link and then there will be other links for other topics. Maybe I am explaining reeeally bad but you will get to see it soon!

The yearly wwinter and christmas market is here in Nice! Wiho! I will show you more from it later. I haven't gone to the market yet. Have you gone there yet? I looove it. I really love the paris wheel, and I would really like to go with it this year!

Morning croissants, is there anything better? <3


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