Hi guys! I hope that you are all having a really great weekend! It is saturday today so I'm free from everything today. Still I have some school work to take care of. Exams coming up! 
It has been a stressful week, with a lot of things to do. And finally yesterday I felt how relaxed my body was getting (because of the weekend), but sadly I started to feel sick in the evening yesterday. And yep, I have little fever and a cold...my body ALWAYS does like this. If I have been stressing and then I finally relax- I get sick! Why is it like that?! Is it like that for you guys as well?
Oh well, I try to rest as much as I can this weekend!

I wish I had the energy to do something fun today but I only had energy to eat and then I had to stay at home and relax. <3

I have a really long weekend because on monday it is the national day of Monaco. So Uni is closed! I am not sure if I will go to Monaco on monday to do something, we will see! I will keep you updated! Wish you all a great weekend! <3


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