Michelle-Mariolina, 22 years old, Swedish/Estonian girl living in Nice, France. Business student in Monaco. Coffee lover and creative! x

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I have missed my blog so so so much!! You wouldn't even believe it. Haha. The truth is just that I have had so much to do lately, not because I am a "very busy person" or something. But because it started out that I was traveling this summer and I went to Sweden and Estonia, I took care of my grandmother and spended time with her and my family on my mums side. And it was a lot of things that happened, which made me not want to blog..the ambulance came to my grandmother and it was difficult for all of us. I was really sad, but my grandmother is fine even though she is sick. I pray for her every day <3 and then I got back to France, and A had friends over and then Uni started in Monaco so now I'm back at school for the fall. And I have recently moved apartment with A! Oh my, ok it sounds like a lot but I have just taken time to focus on other things during this time and I hope you understand.

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