To be honest, I am so happy with so many things in my life. I love my life and God I just enjoy it so much each and every day. The hard part is just that I have always let myself get minimized because of others, and this has honestly made me super careful about who I spend my time with. Who I hang out with and so on. Today I don't let other's minimize me, it would be crazy if somebody would do that. Partly because I have grown so much in myself.  Ofcourse people can be stupid to anybody, that will always happen. But I am so careful and don't let in people in my life to easily, not many people knows things about my personal life.

When I write blogposts, then I can easily open up myself a little bit. Not too much. Just a little. I guess I became that way because I protect my family, nobody can touch my family. I guess that's why I had a little pause for my blog, because I was thinking it all through- how open do I wan't to be? But I have been blogging for so so many years now so I just don't want to quit or anything. I just definiately choose what I am sharing.

I just had to share this with you, and wanted to ventilate and write this.


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