/ Jeans from Zara, top from H&M, Blazer is my mums /

Love this song atm!


Coffee cravings...

Want to wish you all a great day! Today it's actually my grandmothers birthday so I will call her soon and wish her happy birthday! But first - coffee! Hehe, most important meal of the day. And BY THE WAY!! Did you watch the football yesterday? A was watching so I watched too ofcourse...I went out for a run at first and didn't see the beginning but they didn't score until the end! So that was fun, France won and Belgium lost. Great played France. It sounded like chaos in the whole city after that hihi.


Idag fyller mim mormor år vilket är så kul! Ska ringa och gratta henne strax, men först kaffe!
Förresten så kollade vi fotbollen igår och det var bra spelat Frankrike! De vann! Frankrike spelade mot Belgien. Jag kan säga att det vara kaos i stan efter hihi.


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