I watched this clip and wow it is really a good one! This guy talks about the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie and how sick it is. If you convert this story from the movie to a real life situation, you'll see how absolutely wrong this movie is. It is wrong in the way where Anastasia in the Fifty Shades movie meets Christians needs and not her own needs. This could be extremely dangerous if it happens in real life.

We all have dreams about how love should be. Some people like the fact that sex should be rough, hard and dangerous. And if two people comits to that, it is okey. But it is never ok, if you dream about a romantic relationship and then the other partner says "no sorry I can't give you that. But you will get me" And the other partner lowers the needs. Watch the clip and you'll understand, I think it was one of the beest clips I have seen.


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