SOON 22!

Woah, I just realized I am getting 22 in two weeks!! Feels..great! I mean, I don't really have any anxiety or something. But wow, it feels like I was 18 yesterday. And we went out for drinks me and the girls in my hometown in Sweden. And now I'm 22! And yep, I will stay here in France for my birthday. Since uni finnish the 18th of May! So in May I will probably go to Sweden, but not now! For you who wonder <3

So yes I mean it feels great to turn 22. And I also think that you get better with age (haha, saying this like I am sooooo old). But life honestly gets better with the years. And I absolutely hated being 14 or 15. You know, you are so insecure sometimes at that point of your life, and today I start to feel more and more good with myself. You learn a lot <3 


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