Hi!! I hope you all have had a GREA day. The weather in Nice has been kinda bad, a little bit of rain. Still I am soooo happy that we had 17 degrees yesterday and it will keep on going and be warmer and warmer now. Wiho. I have studied today mostly, went to the gym and helped A with something, organized my clothes. I am trying to get rid of a lot, since I have waay to much, and then get some new summer clothes ;) ! anywaays, time to make some dinner!! Tonight we will have movie night, was thinking of going to Monaco but the weather is not so great so we are staying in <#

And also, THANK you for ALL the love I receive from you!! It makes me so so very happy. As probably not many of you know. I have been blogging for almost 6 or wait..7 or 8 maybe? Wow...I have 8 years documented of my life on the internet, crazy isn't that...when I moved my blog to Blogger platform, I didn't move my old blog with it, so I still have my old blog to move to this platform tho. Something I really need to do ASAP!! But it is a looot. Oh well!

It just feels amazing that I have had my blog for so long. I started out when I was in middle school in Sweden, and now I'm here! Life changes <3


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