Do you gym? I remember a I went a lot to the gym when I was younger, with my best friend Sandra. We went to a place in Vasteras called "Bellevue" and it was great! All thought I got a little bit lazy and didn't feel like doing it after a while. And my relationship with the gym today is okay, I do it when I really feel like it so I try to go there at least 3 times a week. Which I'm not really succeeding in yet......but I will get better!!

Mostly I do gym because of reasons such as, it makes me feel better, stronger and more capable of doing things. If I do great in the gym, then I feel great about doing something else after, my energy is like - up! So I only do it for the great feeling.

But to be honest. My body and weight is a big story. I have almost always been a enemy against my body, and it goes always up and down with my weight. And this is something I still fight for every day! So it feels just great that I can have an okay relation with the gym for now, that I don't stress to much about it.

I gym at Feel Sport!


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