I hope you all had a great day today!! The weather in Nice has been AMAZING today. And we enjoyed the sun, but also had a lot of wind. I was dressed this way today (see picture <3).

By the way, happy womans day <3 today I have been celebrating my mother for the amazing woman she is. And I think it is important to show appreciation to the woman you admire on a day like this! Why? Well because we need it!! We need to lift up woman and also keep on fighting and for example continue on talking about the Mee Too Campaign. I brought up the Mee Too Campaign as one of the most important social/political event when I applied to the University in Monaco, since we had to mention one factor we think is important to talk more about.

I don't think anybody means anything bad about celebrating a special woman in their life today. I think we all know it is important to remember and think about all the discrimination and sexism we have in today society. But by celebrating a woman, saying "you are great!!" means that we don't have to shame a woman for celebrating another woman, we are great and we should be celebrated. And continue on fighting.


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