Here is a blogpost about some good AND bad habits I have. At first I was thinking about writing only the bad things but I thought that would be to..I don't know! Why not compliment yourself and say or write what you are good at as well? So here is some habits of me, the bad ones I guess I will try to change ;P

Good habits: 

1. I am kind, I do try to always help other when I can. To help my mum and so on.

2. When I am in to something, I really put my heart and soul in to it. So I always always try to do something with a lot of commitment. It can be school work, blog, work or taking care of someone.

3. I don't drink alcohol or smoke. And I think this is a good habit of me, I love to not do all those things.

4. I have it so easy to stop bad things! For example, I don't drink coffee anymore!! This must be good..I noticed it made me feel bad and I stopped within a day, so it was so easy for me.

5. I always try to turn off the lights after me. If I am in one room, I know I don't need to have the lights on in the other room. So that I am good at! Ofcourse sometimes I forget but I always try to remmeber this.


Bad habits about me:

1. I bite my nails, I know it is gross!!! But yes I do that...something I will stop with haha.

2. Sometimes I put not-so-important-stuff before very-important-things. And this I guess, is bad. But I really try to get all my things done when I can.

3. I ask to many questions and I am a little bit of a "Worrier" yes worries, I worry a lot! It can be that I am worried that somebody is still hungry or something if I have been eating lunch with someone, and I am like "Are you still hungry?" "are you sure?" hehe...

4. I put myself down sometimes, and I struggle still with that. I have a hard time beliveing 100 percent in me. But something that kind of weights it up is that I fight even harder to still get what I want.

5. I put too much time on some things, even if I kind of know something won't work still I try and try and work on something even if it's just not working, but I have a hard time to let it go </3


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