I hope you all had a great day <3

I was at the Uni, and had three classes of Leadership, Human resource management and Micro economics. It went well! Now I am just home and relaxign for a bit, I will try to study a bit, drink a cup of coffee (yes I started again) and then have some rest. Probably I will sleep one hour or so, I would like to since I woke up really early this morning and tonight we have a gathering for the University I'm in, so we are going out in Monaco tonight. And as you might know, I have been writing about me not drinking alcohol, and about my realtionship to alcohol. And, well, I haven't been out "partying" for a long time now, so it is a little bit scary !!! Hahaha. No but it feels absolutely a little bit strange going out tonight, I will update you tomorrow and tell you how it went! ;P allthought, I wont go out to party, I want to enjoy spending time with my classmates <3

Byyy the way!! Look at this bag! How amazing? I will buy it I think, from Stradivarius, need it! Want it! Love it! You'll find it here 


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