- I have learned something about myself lately - I don't like to do squats!! It's so hard for me to keep my body straight when I go down, don't know why...haha, maybe my body just refusing it

- I cry for almost anything! Love movies, video-clips or for other reasons which makes me happy or sad.

- To wake up early is something I really like to do, when I wake up late I feel almost stressed, like I missed the whole day. So sleeping until 12 in the day is not an option for me...but I am trying to make it "ok" for myself to sleep as long as I want during weekends!

- I like to dress up nicely and everything, but for daytime going to school I don't really put much of effort in that.

- I got almost obsessed with coffee before, and now I have stoped for some weeks! It feels so good honestly. It made my heart raise and feel bad...


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