/ Yesterdays' outfit: Knitted sweater from H&M, Bag from Michael Kors (my favourite little black bag), Hat and coat from Zara, shoes from Pull&Bear / 

Goodmorning monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. Did you do something fun? I met a friend this weekend, it was very lovely to see her again <3 next time I will absolutely go to Cannes and we should have a day there together..!! She doesn't live in Nice so I think that's why we maybe don't meet to often, also because of work or school :* anyhow, I studied a bit as well because I got to restless, I slept a looot and felt so relaxed so I needed to study a bit hihi. Watched a lot of movies and went to bed late. I watched some oldies which I have seen long time before allready - I watched: "Raising Helen" with Kate Hudson, loove that movie. She takes care of 3 children because her sister passed away, and her lifestyle before didn't fit with the children so a lot changes in her life, like loosing her job in fashion business and so on. It's also a little bit of love in it <3 I also saw " The fault in our stars", and "Maid in Manhattan" with Jennifer Lopez. And then well, I went to the gym and had just a great weekend <3

Wish this was my breakfast today tho, but I'm eating something different and now I'm having a tea <3


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