Coat from Zara and knitted sweater from Tally Weijl

A mirror selfie for you ! I thought I will post some of the pictures from the day that I was at the exposition with Mabel! Let's goo..!

Train station in Nice.
I'm literally here everyday. Second home <333 no just kidding..uni is second home! And I just simply go with the train everyday, to Monaco which goes so fast(!) about 20 min, and bus I think takes one hour...? Or more? I know it's two hours with the bus to Cannes, so maybe it's the same to Monaco. Haven't gone with the bus for a long time.

A better lunch w/ Alice! Can I have this sushi right noooow pleeease. Best lunch place, and if you know any other good lunch place in Monaco - tell me !!! <3

Everybody that knows me, probably knows that I just love carousels! So cute. Me and Mabel had to snap some photos here ofcourse.

Flower market in Nice. And plus I have to tell you..I wouldn't buy flowers from anywhere else than here, the flower market in old town. The flowers are for a really great price and in the other flower shops in Nice it's sooo pricy. To be honest.

When I was with Mabel we went to the Foire Exposition in Nice, and it was three different expositions. I mean the first one was like.. bathrooms...haha. So it was just a lot of bathrooms for people who wanted to buy..bathrooms. Which we wasn't too interested in. And the secong exposition was pool and terrass's for sale, and last one was the best - they had food market, makeup, clothes, bags..kinda everything. It was a nice day <3

Coffee at Marinette Kitchen <3 a really great place in Old Town of Nice, and it's actually a liiittle bit hidden! So it's not so easy to find or pass by. But really, it's a great place! <3


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