I hope you all had a great saturday babes <3 yesterday was a long school day at the uni, and felt so sick. First time I went to school wearing...a grey hoodie from h&m, a white t-shirt and black jeans, sneakers..hehe. It's not really the style we have at school (ping louis vuitton) haha...so you might understand how tired I was. Got like 3 hours of sleep. Sweeeet. By the way, thinking of starting to also write in swedish on my blog again, what do you think ?

Anyhow, so GOOD with weekend. To relax and study in calm athmosphere..how do you even spell that ?! and tomorrow I think I might go to Cannes to meet a friend of mine !! I think! Hope the weather is on our side.

Coffee saved my day yesterday. I KNOW. I don't drink coffe anymore, or that's what I say buuuut.....some days ya just need to

Look at that beautiiii. Love Nice so much <3 but now I'm so used to being in Monaco so much, so feels almost strange when I spend my time with A in Nice, haha...need to be in Nice more !! 

Love thiz song


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