Something I decided today is to not let anything or anybody define me. What defines me, is for what I stand for, and for what I like, for the beliefs I have, the kindness in my heart.

I have always been a person with a negative thought, I have not belived in myself that much. I have belived that, the bad experinces in my life I have had is what defines me, because it shaped me so ofcourse it defines me? Wrong. I am not that, I am what I decide to be today. A good person, that loves life, has dreams and belives to achieve and overcome anything in this life.

I can tell you something. My childhood was not very safe and stable at all times. Things I won't talk to much about because I choose to keep it private. But something I can be open about is that I was, matter fact, bullied as a child for many years. And today I don't get bullied, and I live a normal, peacefoul and happy life. But every now and then, I feel powerless. And I get a feeling that the bad things defines me, and that I am not worthy of all the good in life, and I get almost stuck and can't really move forward and feel happy. And this is what I have decided to step away from. I will close the door for all the negative parts in my life that has ever entered. It is enough and I press the stop-button. I want to start define myself as me, the person I belive that I am. I am not what people tell me to be. And it is so hard to change the way of thinking, but I will take small steps and try to move forward to become a more happy person!

I want to become more open on this blog and talk more about this because I do believe that it is important. Would you like me to answere some questions, or write about something more specific on this blog? Let me know <3


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