Things I have learned as a 21 year old:

- Thigns doesn't come easy to you. If you want something, you really need to put a lot of time, effort and energy in it! And sometimes you will fail to succeed, but the beauty of it is that if you still have your determination, then you will succeed no matter what! Maybe things doesn't turn out as good as you had hoped for, but it will work out good.

- It is okey to miss your mum even if you are 21 and "all grown up". You will miss your mum's/parents hugs, food, just being arround them!

- As a 21 year old I have also learned that I THOUGHT I knew SO MUCH about life before (HAHA), you will learn so much more about yourself as older you get. And it is amazing!! I love to learn more and new things about myself that I honestly never thought I had before!

- It is okey to break down and cry, but it is also important to get yourself up and out of that feeling again so you won't stay there!

- I have learned that being in love, and being loved is amazing. And it is amazing to make future plans with that special person!

- It is not that horrible to grow up as some people might say. The bad things that some people mention about being grown up, is paying bills, cooking food and cleaning and dealing with problems yourself. But I see beauty in it. You can literally also decide to go anywhere you want in the world, and you are able to create the life you want!


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