// Love having the little scarf!! My mum called me the French Girl, haha. Do I look french? //

Hiiiii sunday. Have you had a good day? I am for the moment..studying! Hehe. That is almost what my days are all about. No okey not all, I mean, I still can enjoy my time and do other things in my sparetime which is great. And today the weather was wonderfoul!!! Perfect sunday weather so I was out and had a walk and checked out how it looks at Place Massena (carnival). Last night I went out with A for a coffee (tea and pasteries) and was supposed to have movie night but my laptop ended up sad, haha virus.....ish. So he helped me fix it <3 Love having a technical man, hihi (I am not that technical...). Or sometimes I can be if I really have to I guess. Anyhow, I will continue on studying, and call A if he would like to get something to eat. Feeling liek eating tacos or something unhealthy!! ;)


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