Do you have any goals for 2018?

I have a lot of goals I would like to achieve in this year. But I have not made any list or so, I only have it in my head, so I thought why not make a list and tell you guys what my goals is for this year!

1. First of all, I can allready say "check!" to one of my goals I had. And that was to apply for the University! And I did and I got accepted! So this is absolutely my biggest goals I had for myself and an investment in me. And I am so happy for this!

2. Get my drivers license! I have allready tried last year to read a little and made the tests. So I will absolutely do more of it this year! And set it as a goal to achieve in this year.

3. Trave a lot! Last year I traveled kinda alot but I would love to travel more this year, and to visit some new great places which we have allready thought of! So yey! Soon maybe traveling to a new place. Can you guess where it could might be?

4. Another goal I have allready achieved is to get myself a gym card, which I as I told you, have allready done! So that is great! And I will try to really continue on gymming each week through this year! And get a fit body! Also eat healthier (hehe I allready eat kind of helathy and good!)

What is your goal for 2018?


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