Selfie on the train! On my way to the University in Monaco! I think it is my third week there now. And I really love it! It is amazing, and the teachers are very good and professional!

+ It is only about 20 minutes from Nice to Monaco with the train so it is so close, and not annoying at all. I also have my "carte zou" to travel with back and forth to school everyday, and it is for a really good price for students which I like. 

....have to tell you tho..every morning does not look like this. Haha. Some days I start super early and have to wake up arround 6 in the morning. And then it is so crowded in the train so you can't almost breath, haha. The train is really crowded arround 7 or 8 in the morning and also arround 4 or 5 in the evening! When I start early I get to see the sunrise tho, which is so beautiful!

The harbour in Monaco.

My breakfast, hehe. Don't really like to eat to much for breakfast as you can the thing to stop drinking coffee doesn't go that well for me.....

Package from NA-KD! Loooove these cute t-shirts! Ordered two more I think, or three..I will show you later!


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