2018 is absolutely a year where I wan't to focus more on taking care of my body and this is what I wrote on my instagram this friday:

"// Every morning: vitamin C, Magnesium, and omega 3. In these times when there is not so much sun ️ I love to take my vitamines each morning. It’s important for me. Trying to change the way I eat too (more healthy, drink tons of water, fruits  and vegetables ) I also stoped drinking coffee ️ (kind off, not drinking black coffee anyways) since I started to feel bad and my heart was all the time raising fast. 2018 is a year I will definitely try to take care of my body more. By eating healthy, vitamines, train, and most of all try to relax more and enjoy life to the fullest. I won’t say “beach 2018” and crave for a perfect looking body, I only believe in now achieving inner peace with myself, find the things that makes me happy and not strive to something that wouldn’t make me happy  love, M"

...and I wrote this because honestly, I really want to focus more on well-being of humans. And help people to start thinking in a more positive and healthy way in the daily life.

We are so surrounded by all these commercials, models and perfectly-shot instagram pictures that we only feel stressed, sad and depressed. Isn't that true? I feel so. And I am starting to feel SO MUCH better about myself, because I eat my vitamines, I eat healthy and sometime crap food to ofcourse (who doesn't??), I go to the gym when and only IF I feel so. If I don't feel so, I just don't. I listen more to myself, and I do what makes me happy instead. Can't we all just agree on that? We should do more of what makes us happy instead of craving other peoples expevtations.


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