It is easy to show in your social media that "life is so easy and wonderfoul". And ofcourse I have to admit, that my life is very wonderfoul, I love everything with my life and I am so happy when I succeed in the things I want. I am always trying to be positive!

But then there is some days, where I feel so tired of myself. For example..just a few days ago, I woke up and I had the feeling that everything was literally..crap. And I looked at my instagram as I do everyday almost (okey yes everyday...) and I see myself in the photos I have been taking. God everything is bad!! And how do I even look like? I am so ugly and horrible. Yep, true story. I sit and judge myself. And this happens from time to time. It's so horrible I know..but god I am a girl, I have also sometimes my girls week one time a month and then I feel even more low than ever haha you know how it goes!!

And when I feel this way, I turn of notifications from social media, try to relax, I wear something comfortable for that day, watch funny youtube videos and vlogs. Try to smile, I call my mum. And really try to think of something else. And then it often gets better. Sometimes not but what to do!

I love my life, but from time to time I question myself. And I could say it is normal, yes it is normal. But also ask the question, why do I question myself? What is the reason for it? And I always find the answere then, and then I try to do something to change that feeling inside.

So how to get motivation? Be yourself, love, smile, laugh. Take a break soemtimes! God you are worthy of having breaks! Life is hard as it is


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