I haven't talked so much about the Univerity I'm in, maybe because I simply don't talk about everything on my blog. Something I should change maybe? Don't know.

Sooo..where should I start? Well it started out that last summer I really felt myself comfortable to start studying here in France. Before I was studying french at the University in Nice, so when I had the french kinda good (this was the number one mission) I was ready for next step. I applied for SKEMA Business School in Nice, and also for the International University of Monaco. I got accepted for both, and I made my choice clear that it should be Monaco, yes, I started at IUM in January, and it is going good! I study the Business program. A lot of studies, a lot of great students and proffessors. The time goes so fast as well..anyhow so my studies is only in english but I have chosen an extra course in French there. You can choose 3 extra courses I think, so the second one I took leadership which is very interesting! A lot of great courses over all. <3 and we have a few swedish students also which is sooo nice. God I am very happy for it, I am actually kind off forgetting the swedish language, hehe so sometimes I forget some words (I mean it is not THAT bad, but I am so used to speaking english and french haha) <3


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