Wanted to peek in and say happy Independence day Estonia! 100 years of independence. 100 years ago they became free from the Russian Power. A great day for the Estonians <3

For my family it is very tough to speak about this subject. And it always brings tears to the eyes when remembering past experiences, but it also makes both me, and my family happy that Estonia is strong <3

Everytime I go and visit my family in Estonia, I love to speak to my grandmother. And she always wants me to remember that there has been times really hard, everywhere in the world. And still the world is dangerous but fantastic at  the same time. And I can't put myself in my grandmothers situation, but I can see that this is hurtfoul to speak about. My grandmothers father got killed in the war, and my grandfathers two brothers got killed in front of his eyes. And my grandfather had to escape from a big ship so he and others wouldn't get killed.

My grandfather faught hard for the freedom of Estonia, and everytime I am at my grandmothers house I want to see the prices he earned from the good work standing up for his country. It is amazing that today they are free.

I rarely speak about this..so I hope nobody will write something mean. Sending all my love to you <3


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