Friday today and the week has been great. I only have a lot of things at the University for the moment, but I am managing! It's going good so far and I really like it! Crazy to say that the time really flies, and I think that the  time will continue on going fast and soon it's summer! Do you feel so to?

By the way, did you have a great Valentines?
My day was lovely. It started with waking up early for a breakfast together with A. And then I had one class that day at the Uni, studied and then back to Nice for some shopping, well..I didn't shop haha but A bought a jacket and a beautiful knitted sweater. We ate dinner at La Pizza Cresci! When we started meeting we always went there and ate there often. So it was a abvoius choce to go there! <3 I took pasta and A pizza <3 afterwards we had coffee in Monaco Cafe de Paris, and later that evening we went to Fifty shades at the cinema. It was a ...good movie, haha. I had a great day <3 


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