Hi people! My dear followers, I want to thank you and say..well, thank you!! Haha. You are so sweet and I am so happy to have all of you!

Monday today in which means, back to uni and new week! The weekend was great, I rested a lot at home, went to the gym, studied and enjoyed spending some time in Nice. I am almost all my time for the moment in Monaco. I miss Nice!! Even if I live there, haha...weirdo.

Some people ask me if it's not annoying to try to "strive after having a perfect instagram" all the time (?) and they tell me that they wouldn't want to live their life that way. Ok..ofcourse you can say so, and feel however you would like to feel about that <3 and as for me, I ENJOY it so much. I really ENJOY taking photos, and even more while I am traveling or..also, here in France and Monaco everything is so beautiful so how can I resist? Haha :* I am not trying to strive for a perfect feed and so on, I do it for my own pleasure since when I got my first camera ever when I was 13 years old, the interest grew bigger! I think it's so much fun. It doesn't make me sad, it makes me have more inpiration in my life. I get inspired by other peoples pictures and also from my own..! I only wanted to explain it a little! Since some people seem to have such a big opinion in how I deal with my life <3

My favourite cafe in Nice is absolutely Cafe Frei! In rue de France! I remember that somebody asked me what a cup of coffee usually cost in France. And well it depends really. If you have a great cafe/restaurant next to the sea with sea view or in the center the price goes up. But as in cafe Frei it is a little bit hidden and not really in the center (still at the very great street rue de france) so the price is not to expensive, arround 2 euros maybe or even less. At cafe de Lyon in Jean Medecin (center of Nice, main shopping street) the price for a americano is 3,40 euros. So you can understand the difference. You pay often for the view.

Not yet Valentines but soon! Wiho! Somebody who is going at the fifty shades of grey movie? It has premiere in France the 7 of february. I think I will go since it was a long time ago I went to the cinema! But also because it is the last chapter of the movie (i think...?) so it would be nice to see it! I don't actually fancy this movie to much. I like the "nice" and happy moments, but honestly the whole story is twisted and it is hard to watch...I think this movie plants sick ideas in some guys minds, but also I think a lot of men look at this and would honestly never act this way, it's not an act of love in my opinion. What do you think?


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