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Wednesday! And wednesdays for me means only one morning class att the University! So this whole afternoon I have been running errands, studied and..studied! I love to sit at home in the sofa and surround myself with a lot of books, with Youtube and PowerPoints and study. But today I chose to get myself a coffee at Le Metropolitan located in Jean Medecine. and sit and study a bit. So cosy. Needed that! I love the city life in Nice so Le Metropolitan is a perfect place to sit at for that.

Something I am thinking about at the moment, is how badly I want to make one of my dreams come true. Well I allready completed my biggest dream in my life, and that was to move to France, and then fall in love, and one day have a big family and a lot of children, hihi. But one dream I have, is to work in a children's center somewhere. To help out people or espechially children or families with children..that needs the help. I have always dreamed of working as a teacher for english and swedish but changed my mind into working in tourism industry. So I would love to make my dream come true and work for a children's center or school for a month or so. What is your dream?


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