So yesterday I wished you a happy new year, and I also told you that you don't have to drink alcohol to have fun. But if you decide yourself that you want to drink alcohol, then that is the decisioun you feel is the best for you. And I don't want to mean anything bad about this.

I decided to stop drinking alcohol, since it did not give me anything good. I think life is to precious to almost destroy it with alcohol. And these are words coming from somebody that was honestly not thinking this way before. I was soo not like this before, but after I saw what a good impact it made me to not drink - I wanted to start talking about it more with you! So maybe you would also change youre mind about drinking.

I think drinking is okey if you are not consuming it to much. I mean, I decided to stop fully. But for others, it's nothing wrong havinga glass once in a while. But for me, it worked better to just stop it completely.

I think it's so bad to put bad things in to your body. It is the same thing how people talk about meat consumtion. That it's bad both for the world/enviroment and for your body. Also how milk is bad for your body. So why not start talking about alcohol and how bad THAT is for your body? Alcohol is a drog, it's literally toxic and humans drink this, loose there senses and do this maybe 2-3 times a week. It's crazy for me, so I'm so happy I chose to stop. And it's actually MORE fun without alcohol! I danse and have fun without, and I go home arround 4 in the morning without being drunk and wake up without being hangover, haha, it's so nice.

Do you drink alcohol?


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