1. I LOVE summer. I am absolutely a summer-person. I love summer because of the weather, being able to wear dresses and cute outfits! The beach, enjoying time with friends in the evenings without freezing!

2. Last time I messured myself I was 173,5 cm tall. And that was when I was maybe..18 or 19, I wonder if I am taller now? Or shorter, hahah...

3. I love the French Riviera because of the weather, the sea, the palm trees and beach..the people being so open minded. I think that the Riviera is very attractive for a lot of touristes, and I like that! I also want to have a career in tourism business. Something that made me choose France!

4. I am an organized person, I love being organized. But I am very often also bad at loosing things, I often loose my banc card or keys etc..actually had to order a new banc card a few days ago because I lost it somewhere.....hehe yes that is me...

5. The person I look up to the most is my mother, because she has done (are doing) an amazing job as a single mum. S/he is creative, lives everyday with a lot of happiness and joy in her mind. <3

6. When I was younger I was very scared of death and I wondered very often what is going to happen to all of us when we die. But actually..I am not that scared anymore. I live day by day with happiness and do what I love and what is going to happen will happen. I will make the best of the time I have here. Without being so scared <3


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