These past days has been overwhelming for me! I am feeling that I am in some type of dream at the moment and everything feel so surreal. In a good way! In a way that makes me so..happy and lucky.
My life has turned arround completely, since I decided to go from Sweden to France in 2016.

And maybe you will ask me, how did your life turn arround? In what way do you mean?

I will tell you all about it. Because this is what my blog, instagram and youtube is all about. To spread positive energy, bring inspiration, and simply doing what I love the most. And to also be personal, write about personal matters. How it is to loose a father in a young age, how it is being bullied as a child, how to fight the daily struggles and also write about how life can change if you choose to make a change! 

So the past days, my life has started to feal so surreal. I can't understand that I am going to start studying in the University in Monaco. I can't describe the feeling I have, it is almost like 100 butterflies in my stomach. Excitment, joy and happiness. I look forward to start studying. I mean. I hoestly never thought I would study..I thought, ok maybe some day some way I thought no maybe not. Plus we work a lot with internships which seems so exciting to! We will also be able to travel abroad which seems amazing!

I am also so happy in my relationship to my boyfriend. I always dreamed (ever since I was a child) about falling deeply in love and spend my life with my dream man. And he is really my dream man. God it is so worth it to go through some bad days and fights. Because honestly, I never want to loose him. And this feeling, well I can't describe it! It is a relaxed feeling because I am feeling 100 procent sure he is the one, my one..hihi.

And well. I moved to France 2016 and my life turned arround completely I can tell you. I went through the attack in Nice at the Promenade des anglais 14 july 2016 and it was the most horrible moment. But it brought the city together I think. Everybody showed so much love. So ofcourse, some horrible moments and struggles. But we go through it. And it is worth it. <3 I will never forget when my friend told me, it's not worth it, and she literally told me she wouldn't put herself in risks or, if something is bad she would leave it as it is. And well, I didn't. And I am happy I didn't <3


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