The days are going really good at the university and I feel really good to be in Monaco! And for those who wonder, yes I am still living in Nice in the French Riviera. I am not thinking of moving to Monaco or to a city maybe closer to Monaco just yet, but it could might be something we will think about in a year or so. Nothing written in stone! I still love Nice very much, and know the city allready by heart since I was 14 years old. So ofcourse if it comes to the point of working..probably I would choose to work in Monaco. I take it easy!

Living in Monaco is really something special and extraordinairy I could imagine. Allready when you enter to Monaco, and spend like a day here. You can feel and see the difference that is between Nice and Monaco. Monaco is beautiful, luxurious, extravagant and amazing! Anyhow, feel free to ask question if you have any <3

Postcard from the Riviera!

You can never be sad with an ice cream <3


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