Hi guys!! Are you all having a good friday? Do you feel good today? I feel good today! I am having a long break at the moment, so I have time to work on school assignements that will be handed in next week. So I am working on them at the moment and plus making some blogposts for you!

So the first week in the university went really good! I am really looking forward to learn more. I really love the University here in Monaco that I am in. It feels fresh, new, and the people working arround in the school is very polite. Everybody is so well educated and have amazing things to tell us! If you have any question about the uni I am in, feel free to ask <3

Coffee break in Nice a couple of days ago! Writing postcards!

Old town in Nice is so beautiful!

Love every corner in old town...

Food market in old town of Nice, love the cute pineapples!


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