I saw the text somewhere saying "If I would ask you to mention the things you love, how long would it take for you to mention yourself?" and that was one of the best texts I have seen. And it made me really think that, I do appreciate and love myself, and I am very happy and proud over myself for fighting through some hard times to get where I am today! And ofcourse wit a lot of help <3 I have the best support! <3

Everything has been worth it. Because where I am allready today, I feel so thankfoul, blessed, proud, excited and happy. I have everything I ever wanted. in life. And I see the future with excitement because of greater things that will come.

I am in a happy and healthy relationship with my man that I feel so relaxed and happy with. He wants to spend he's life with me and I can't tell how much excited I am for this. Also that I am starting in the school in Monaco, the International University Of Monaco. Never in a MILLION years would I ever think I would get accepted to such an amazing program in this school, and to be able to be in Monaco. It is amazing! That I speak fluent french..I never thought I would but I am! And I want to really say thank you to myself, for believing in myself and in my abbilities to achieve great things, in to having a strong relation with my dream man. <3 never listen to anybody. Only yourself, you can achieve anything you want <3


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