Michelle-Mariolina, 22 years old, Swedish/Estonian girl living in Nice, France. Business student in Monaco. Coffee lover and creative! x

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Photo from a evening walk with my mother in Estonia!

And I am back in Sweden after a few days in Estonia! I went there to spend some quality time with my mum's side of the family. And just got back to my hometown in Sweden today. I spended a really good time with my family, but right now I am feeling so tired from all the traveling, going from Nice to Sweden, and then Sweden to Estonia and then back again..and this night I am going back to Nice Haha!! How will I survive? I have also been sick for the past 4 days so I have not slept that well and my body is so tired to be honest. Also from the cold weather I guess :'( so I am looking forward to go to the warmer degrees, even if I will miss my family! What are you up for today? I know it is saturday but I will just pack my things, eat, watch movies and wear sweatpants aaaaall day long! Haha. <3

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