As you probably might know I went to Sweden for 10 days and just got back to Nice. (We also went to Estonia) so here is some photos from our trip Part I)

Breakfast buffe on the boat Victoria that took us from Stockholm to Tallinn! The boat leaves the harbour at 17.00 swedish time i think and arrives 10.00 swedish time the next morning in Tallinn!

It is always so cosy to go with the boat. You can do some shopping, eat food, relax in the spa, watch movies or tv in the room, watch the show in the big show bar, kareoke etc..but when we go, we only eat, relax, sit with our phones and talk or play games hehe... ;)

Me and my mum <3 she never kinda wants to be in the photos, hehe!

Some shopping in the taxfree!

The tickets to our room on the boat

Passing by another boat! This is actually the boat that my mum works on! :)


At the harbour! More pictures will come soon.


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