A question that I get very often is if I ever miss home to Sweden. And yes ofcourse! I like Sweden a lot, it is a beautiful country! I love my hometown, it is small but very lovely and have really a special place in my heart. But that is the thing, Nice and also France has a very special place in my heart to! As many probably allready know (because I have told you this several times) I traveled to France every year since I was 13 years old. And that is how it all started. My love for Nice and also Paris grew strong! And it became my dream to live in France. And now I am doing it!

I had this dream so deep in my heart that, every time I left France after a vacation when I was younger I started to cry. It felt so hard, because I felt so good at the french riviera, it fitted me somehow. And I can't say I feel that same way to Sweden, allthough I do have all my best memories and childhood experiences in Sweden! Sweden will always be my home <3

But that is the thing. I have Sweden but also Estonia and France as a home, which makes me not really miss one or the other place if you understand.

Things I do when I miss home to Sweden: I call my mum or videochat with her, book a trip (I mean I live 3 hours away from Sweden if I take a flight and sometimes it is really sheap tickets!), I also have coffee dates with my mum. I have a coffe in Nice somewhere and my mum in Sweden and then we call each other and talk! Hihi! <3


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