Sometimes it feels like I am having 100 % knowledge of what I want in life. And sometimes..well, sometimes it feels like I have literally no idea at all. I just start stumbling, and just feel like I am having no focus anymore. It feels like anything I do, is just not good enough.

At the same time, I know I need to only ask myself this question like - is it good enough for ME? And not think what others would think, or are thinking about me.

Because sometimes it feels like am honestly putting way to much energy on thinking what others would care about. You know? Like they don't think I am good enough, or this or that. And I guess also some people might question things in my life. And I am having full understanding for it. But then again, I stop myself from doing the things I really really want, because of what other would think and react. And I know I just need to continueing doing my race.


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