How often (when we was teenagers) didn't we say something like, "Oh I wish I was adult and could live a more simple life!" Haha. Well now we are grown up. And a few days ago I talked to my bestie in Sweden, and I got like an aha-moment of thinking how much we actually complain!! Or at least I do. I don't mean it's a bad thing to be complainging sometimes. I mean, nothing wrong with it! I do it to sometimes (!) BUT! So, the point is, as a teenager we wanted to be grown up, to have our own responsabilities and so on. And now when we are grown up, we miss the time we had in school as teenagers. Haha! Actually, we should enjoy our time more that we have! 

I don't complain anymore, because it doesn't give me any good. We will always have our struggles, so by complaining, you are only making it worse! Life is strange, huh? Sometimes I just can't believe myself when I am sitting and complaining about life - when I am actually, at this moment, living my DREAM! WOW. It's crazy, but I am so greatfoul, happy and appreciate the life I am having more now than 2 years ago. I love life, and I will absolutely start enjoying it a lot more than I do! So that I can look back at my life when I am 80 and feel happy that I enjoyed life to the fullest! <3

Just a little daily reminder! 


Beautiful sea here at the French Riviera! I have lives here 1 year and 6 months now!


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