I know it's kinda super late. But I really felt like writing a post.

I think I don't talk to much about my privacy, my life, family and love and so on. And a lot of people ask me questions. Like, do I have a boyfriend and am I still with A, how we met and etc. And I knoow, I should answere these questions, because if there is something I really don't like, it's when people keep secrets..!! Haha. When some people say A and not B. OR something!

Yes I am with A, we have been for 1 and a half year now. It feels so amazing that we are on our second year together. Spending our second winter with each other, that we have traveled a lot together all ready. Sweden, Italy and Monaco (well Monaco sure it's another country but takes like 15 min with car so don't really concider it traveling maybe). We have a lot of lovely memories, and unforgettable moments. I love him truly so much. And he always makes sure to make me feel good, to give me he's bear hugs, to help me, to be there for me. The same I am to him. But ofcourse we have also argued a lot. And yes I would say A LOT. And there has been moments really sad, but mostly we make each other happy. And yes, I love him with all my heart for real. And to answere the other question, we met when I was with some friends celebrating a friends birthday, and A was with some friends..and yes then we met! And we liked each other a lot. But then it took maybe 2 weeks until I finally felt like I wanted to meet him haha <3 <3  so I hope you felt like you got some answeres!


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