Saturday which means, a day "off"! Still I am doing a lot of things today, so I don't really feel like having my day off.

I just now wrote a list of christmas presents I should buy! I have only bought few..still it's like christmas in..two weeks? Ahhh, time goes so fast, don't you think? So I am now writing a list so I know exactly what to get to everybody. And I will probably go to Polygone with a friend next week to do some shopping! Anyhow. Rigtht now I'm on my laptop doing some research for an interesting things - I won't tell you what it is, but I am so so so escited for doing this and I think I will tell you in January! I have also done a loot of cleaning today in the house, washed clothes and so on. Love when the home is clean <3 and I'm also gifuring our ehwn to go to Sweden now in December, hehe no I haven't bought the tickets yet..! And tried to get rid of a lot of clothes. Sold my barbour jacket, my biker jacket and some more things I dodn't use. So it feels nice to get rid of these things <3

You have to try Deli Bo here in Nice!! I lvoe this place! Good coffee and so cosy.


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