It's getting colder and colder here in the Riviera!! Brr!! Take me back to summer!

Picture from Cannes

Went to Cannes for a quick visit this friday!

I actually went to see a dermatologist, to get some help for my acne! And a little update is, that my face is pretty much clear, I had really a lot last winter and after I med the dermatologist the first time, I got some really good help! And now the second time I got some good "makup", also creams that are better for my skintype. And I will also be eating some pills two times a day to get the scars away. (HERE you can see which pills!) Do you want me to talk more about this on the blog?

I don't think that a lot of people know about this, but it has been really an issue for me so now I am really happy to get some good help to get that sking gorgeouuuss!

A Starbucks in Cannes, before heading home!


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