Michelle-Mariolina, 22 years old, Swedish/Estonian girl living in Nice, France. Business student in Monaco. Coffee lover and creative! x

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Sometimes it's superhard to find motivation. I have been there several times, but I always made it through! I think you just have to soak it up, be ok with feeling low for a little while..to watch movies, follow inspiration quotes, go gymming, or just relax, sleep and not do anything to special. It's important to let yourself relax sometimes. I mean, we can't honestly be all the time so good at everything, we can't have good mood aaall the time. Not possible!! Haha. So what I want to say to you, let yourself relax..!! Listen to your body! I know I am bad at listening to my body sometimes. Which is really bad actually. So listen to your body <3 

Fall seven times, stand up eight <3

MUCH LOVE to you all <3

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