As I told you guys, me and Clem went to Polygone last week and we had a lovely day with shopping. And we also stepped by the Joe & The Juice. Which I really like a lot! I always take the "Hangover Heaven" juice when I am in Sweden. But here it's called "Joe's AMG" so it has a different name here. But it's the same! It's with apples (green apples I think) and ginger and mint I think. Haha, good that I don't even remember! But this one is really the best one I think!! You have to try it!

The Joe & The Juice in Polygone, here in Cagnes-Sur-Mer was so nice!! New, fresh, stylish. I just loved the interior!

The juice I had is called "Joe's AMG" and this juice is soooo tasty!!


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