1. I have to live in a clean house. I get sooo annoyed by the fact that my bed is not made yet or something like that, so I really like to have it clean! Sometimes it's bad that I like to clean, because then I put a lot of time on that instead of other things ;P

2. I am like almost obsessed with hand cream at the moment! Ahh I need to use it every day, before sleep and so on! Really love one that I am using from Yves Rocher at the moment. 

3. I have been blogging for almost 6 years I think and I really really still love it so much. First I opened my blog only for writing and not that many photos, but then I got my first camera and I got more interested in taking photos! Not that I am that good in it but...

4. I haaate milk, I never drink milk, or eat milky products. So I get super angry if I order something and say "no cheese or milk please" and then they do it anyways...ahh....

5. I am a sucker for avocado's!!! I love love LOVE avocado's! 

Did you learn anything new about me?


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