I want to, first of all, say that I am still reading and learning a lot about the religions. And I find it really interesting.

Sometimes I sit and read a lot, and I get so soaked up by all the faschinating things that, for me, is very true. But sometimes I don't think about it, and the days goes. And I don't think a lot about being religious. But then again, some days after, or weeks, I think about it.

Are you believers?

I find it really amazing. And honest. Life is a very strange thing. How can ANYBODY explain how the universe became like this, and why and how. Nobody can explain it, but reading about religions you get a lot of answeres to your questions.

When I moved to France and came here alone, I started to think a lot about God. And sometimes I felt so lonely and sad, and I could ask things to God out loud. I could sit quiet in the student home and think about life, the purpose, the meaning and so on. I think also, a big part of why I started to think about being religious was because of the terror attack in Nice the 4th of july 2016. And I was there when it happened, at the promenade, with my friends, 10 meters from the car that the man was shooting from. And we was running for our lifes. (now when I write about it, it makes me feel really sad. That so many people got killed next to us. And we could have died to). And I know a lot of people ask the question, so where is God if so many innocent people dies all over the world every day? The answere is, they don't die for nothing. They will get to Paradise. And the people that are not following God, and doing a lot of bad things, they will get their punnishment I think. And some bad people will suffer long, other will have the chance to be forgiven by doing something good for the humanity. So that's the answere. It's the after-lfe that is the "real life"

Before I couldn't really believe in all this. But today I am learning more and more, and I am open to the good. I am open to live the good life by God's rules! I have had, people bullied me, I have had a father that past away, I have been through the attack in Nice, and a lot of other things I wouldn't want to mention. But from all this. I do believe in the kindness, in the goodness, and in living a peacefoul life. <3


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